In PDX: Pizza Maria

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A few weekends ago, Luke & I visited Pizza Maria for a little date night. Pizza Maria is located on Division (an area that is quickly becoming one of my favorites), tucked right into a row of other cute restaurants. On the menu, they have only four different kinds of pizzas. At first I thought, WHAT only four?! Then realized that they make those four pizzas extremely well, so you really don't need more options to choose from.
We started off with a salad, the "Spring Greens, Spanish Almonds, Piave, Smoked Paprika, Sherry Vinaigrette" and it was fantastic.
We ordered the "Tomato, Red Onion, OP Sausage, Chili Flake, Pecorino Romano" pizza and it was amazing. They bring out these little cups of red pepper flakes and salt to add to your pizzas. Although ours was seasoned perfectly when it was dropped off in front of us, those little cups were just too cute!
We finished off our meal with the homemade shortcake, blackberries and cream. 
So good!

We will be back soon to try the "Market Vegetables, Cream, Parmigiano" pizza, that one came in a close second!

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One house project down... 324759 to go! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It has been a dream of mine to have built-in shelves in our living room. See this post where I explain a little bit more about them. Although it took a little longer than expected to get this project completed (doesn't it always??) as well as a few unexpected roadblocks... we're supper happy with the final results!

The whole process was quite an ordeal and really made me question if I'm cut out for any future home renovations, haha. My dad came over one weekend and helped to remove all of the trim on the wall, the existing mantle and all the tile around the fireplace. We even installed new tile on the hearth. When the shelves arrived and were installed they were just so beautiful, I was starting to re-think painting them white (which was the original plan). We explored some wood stains and moved forward with the plan of staining them a dark chestnut. Well, I got about 1/3 of the way through staining and it looked absolutely horrible! The stain wasn't soaking into the wood evenly, it was pooling up in some areas and soaking deep into others. It looked like a mess. I let it sit for a day, gathered my thoughts and eventually scrapped the whole idea of staining. I went down to the hardware store, picked up a gallon of white paint and painted THREE coats on the shelves. We now have the white shelves that we originally wanted, haha.

Truth be told, I think they look amazing and I'm very happy with the end results.

- Photos © Holly Copeland -

**Update: This project was also featured on Apartment Therapy!! **

IN PDX: Pono Farm Soul Kitchen

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This past weekend Luke & I tried a "new-to-us" restaurant in the Hollywood district (my 'hood, haha). Pono Farm Soul Kitchen is a farm-to-table restaurant that offers a variety of dishes with a Japanese twist. Their beef and pork menu options come from their farm in Central Oregon and their animals are grass feed and live a cruelty-free life (you can read more about that here). After reading up on this restaurant & loving the concept, we were beyond interested & excited to try it out! 

We arrived just as they opened for dinner and grabbed a few items off of the happy hour menu, as well as a few larger plates. The arrival of each item was perfectly timed. One thing being delivered to our table at a time. Just as we finished one plate, the next one arrived shortly after. They definitely knew what they were doing :) We were pleased with everything we tried & can't wait to go back & try some other items we weren't able to get to.

Miso Soup, Silken Tofu
Wagyu Tacos, Smoked Tomato Salsa
House-made Crispy Pork Gyoza
Top Sirloin Tartare, Ponzu, Yuzu Kosho, Pono Egg Yolk
(our favorite dish of the evening!)
Red Snapper Ceviche, Shiso Yuzu Vinaigrette, Apple, Pear, Plum Paste
Tomato Braised Pork Shank, Cheddar Polenta, Carrots, Potatoes

- Photos © Holly Copeland -

*In PDX is a series where I feature local Portland establishments. If you would like your business to be featured, please contact me here.

Easy Open-Faced Sammies

Monday, August 25, 2014

When it's hot outside (and inside!) and dinnertime rolls around, the last thing I want to do is slave over a hot stove in the kitchen for an hour making dinner. In an effort to try new dishes and save some time... I whipped up these oped-faced sammies in about 15 minutes. They're super easy, the combinations are endless and they taste delicious! They're best enjoyed outside on the patio, trust me :)

Check out all the ingredients that I used below... 

Easy Open-Faced Sammies
Serves: 2

Fried Egg Sammy
1 slice of bread (I used sourdough, toasted and rubbed with garlic)
1 handful of arugula (dressed with balsamic dressing)
1/2 small heirloom tomato
2 slices of prosciutto
1 egg, sunny-side up

Turkey & Cheddar Sammy
1 slice of bread (I used sourdough, toasted and rubbed with garlic)
3 slices of peppered turkey
1/2 small heirloom tomato
1 slice of cheddar cheese

Grilled Peaches
Slice peaches about 1/2 inch thick. Lightly drizzle with agave nectar and grill for a few minutes on each side. 

New Bathrooms!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

We have a l-o-n-g list of things we want to do in the house. It seems that when we cross one item off the list, a few more get added! We've finished our living room project (which I have yet to share on the blog!) and before we tackle the kitchen countertops, we have two small bathrooms upstairs that we're going to renovate. We've already picked out all our supplies and can't wait to get started (we're buying everything from Lowe's)! We're getting new flooring, painting the walls, adding a new vanity, subway tiles and new hardware. We're going with white/gray tones for a very neutral and classic look. I just can't wait for this project to be finished! Right now the bathrooms have green linoleum and green marbled countertops... I will not be sad to see those go!

Family Photos - The Schmitt's

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Last weekend our friends popped into town for a bit (they live in Bend, OR!) and we snuck over to Gabriel Park so I could snap some family photos for them. Just when you think this little family couldn't be any cuter... they're expecting baby #2 in October (and it's a girl!). We love the Schmitt's!! :)

- Photos © Holly Copeland -

Bucket list item: photograph a wedding.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Done! One item off my bucket list!

A few weeks ago I traveled to Mexico for Kara + Donny's wedding. I also had the honor of photographing their day. Let me tell you, I have a newfound respect for wedding photographers; it's not easy work. It's a lot of running around, trying to grab every shot. Hoping you don't miss anything.  But so much fun at the same time! In the end I'm really grateful to have had this experience & to photograph our good friends on their special day. I hope the enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!